Ai & Human Thriving​

We’ll dive into the current state of AI as well as the behavioral science of happiness, meaning, and purpose.  With your teams, you’ll start brainstorming how AI could bring meaning to your industry. Next, we will have a rapid-fire session on how to prevent our biases from our creation process.


With your group, start brainstorming ideas on how to use AI to solve your chosen societal problem.

The Guests

Photo of Jonathan Levin

Jon Levin

Dean of Stanford GSB

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell

Senior Research Scientist at Google



How we teach computers to understand pictures [ video link ]

Pursuit of happiness  [ video link ]

How I’m fighting machine bias  [ video link]

Forget Killer Robots – Bias Is the Real AI Danger [ link ]

What AI Can and Can’t Do Right Now [ link ]

Better Together: Humanity + Machine Learning [ video link ]


The AI Revolution [ link ]

Common AI Buzzwords [ link ]

Machine Bias  [ link ]